Professional Answering Services From TAS United

At TAS United, providing unmatched, award winning, 24-7 call processing is what we do best! Our front line team of representatives will be happy to answer every call-every day, provide live answering as a back-up as needed, transfer to extensions, and/or take your after hours emergency calls. Just let us know how we can be of service and we’ll be there for you!

Any business, large or small, that takes and processes inbound calls can benefit from our live and automated answering services. With 3 locations, servers in a secure data center and 5 partners with 100+ years of combined experience, we’re here to keep you covered from hiring to technology and redundancy, while delivering a very strong return on your investment.

Contact TAS United

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TAS United operates from a powerful, proprietary system developed by Amtelco who has been a leading provider of innovative equipment for over 30 years. Through this system, customized scripting will be developed specifically for your company, to ensure that the processing of your calls is accomplished in a manner that will give you the results you need.

We are proud to partner with many various industries including medical, (our representatives are HIPAA certified), oil and gas, service industries, attorneys, property management firms, and many others.


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