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Alexander MacLennan

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Alex MacLennanAlexander MacLennan
Managing Partner – Technology

Alex is a Managing Partner of TAS United. With nearly 25 years of technical experience in the answering service and call center industries, Alex is regarded as an expert in the field. His extensive background in software design and application development provides the foundation for TAS United’s private cloud design and approachable user environment and easy-to-use web portal. His experience working in a 24/7/365 industry ensures that resiliency and redundancy remain a priority throughout TAS United’s infrastructure.

Prior to joining TAS United, Alex was a Managing Partner for Gocomm, LLC, where he served as both the architect and manager of Gocomm’s Virtual Private Cloud, which was acquired by Amtelco in 2012 and is currently known as miVirtualServers.

Alex attended Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi, TX. In his spare time, Alex enjoys playing board and card games, reading, watching movies, playing video games, swimming, and going to the park with his young daughter.