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Disaster Backup & Recovery

TAS United helps you to be prepared should an unexpected disaster affect your business. This could be an unforeseen weather event that impacts your business or a construction accident that results in your communication going offline. When communication with your customers becomes disrupted, you can count on TAS United to restore it.


How we accomplish this: TAS United has multiple locations throughout the U.S., as well as a completely redundant network to ensure that our service is immune to regional disasters. TAS United can provide order through the chaos by duplicating your operations, maintaining productivity immediately, and preventing loss of contact between your business and your customers. We are always available!

TAS United keeps your business operating seamlessly in the event of a disaster –  protecting your reputation for reliability. Our staff is large enough to handle a sudden influx of call traffic and our operators are trained to properly triage emergency concerns or answer questions to keep your callers informed throughout a catastrophe. Our backup services include: emergency response to key personnel; processing of all incoming calls; email response management; voicemail; chat services; call dispatching; and access to agent terminals so key personnel can process calls. With TAS United, you can be prepared when the unexpected happens.

Questions about our Disaster Backup and Recovery services? Give us a call at 800-310-8269.