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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign-up and how soon can we get started?

Signing up for service is simple! We only need two items of information from you. We will send you a service agreement, which needs to be filled out and returned. You will also be required to fill out a client information sheet, which provides us with all the information necessary to build your account. Access the Customer Form. We can have most new accounts completed and ready for service in 48-72 hours.


How much does your service cost?

TAS United is a time-based service. This means that your bill is determined by the volume of calls we manage for you. We offer a variety of plans, each featuring a certain number of minutes per billing cycle. Overage charges apply if you exceed your minutes. It’s very similar to a cell phone plan in this regard. View our plans.


Is it a long-term contract?

No. The majority of our clients operate on a month-to-month agreement. We do offer annual agreements if requested. A simple 30-day notice is required if you would like to cancel service.


Am I stuck with the plan I choose?

Not at all. We keep an eye on your usage, especially for our new customers. If we discover that you are going over your minutes, we can adjust your plan up or down to better fit your call demands. Many of our seasonal clients adjust their plans by increasing their minutes during high traffic months and decreasing their minutes during their slow season.


Which is the best football team in Texas?

The best way for us to answer this… your team.


How do I know how many minutes I will need?

An average call lasts between 1-2 minutes. Depending on your type of business, calls may require a longer amount of time on the phone. If you have a general idea of how long your calls last and how many calls you normally receive, you can typically multiply that number by 2 minutes to get a feel for which plan is right for you. Our sales executives have extensive experience with all business types and can provide you with an approximate cost. Contact our sales team today.


Do you round up to the next minute?

No. And, please be aware that many companies in this industry do just that. So, a 3 second call will count as a full minute on your billing. We do NOT do this!  We believe the fairest process is to bill in 6-second increments. A 27 second call would count as a 30 second call on your billing. You can monitor your billing information at any time, 24/7, via our online client portal.


Are you available 24 hours a day?

Yes, we are available round-the-clock – 24/7/365.


How long is your billing cycle?

Our billing cycle is 28 days.


Do you have bilingual agents on staff 24/7?

Yes, our bilingual agents are available 24/7. We have more than 40 agents on our network that are bilingual.


Are all your agents located in the U.S. or will my calls be answered overseas?

All calls are answered right here in Texas. We have multiple offices located throughout the state. We are a Lone Star company.


Do your agents have a Texas accent?

Yes, everyone loves a Texas accent, y’all.


Do you only answer calls for Texas businesses?

Not at all. While we love working with other Texans, we service businesses and medical providers across the United States. We can supply toll-free call forwarding numbers for customers outside of Texas.


Do you know how to BBQ?

As a Texas company, we think of ourselves as BBQ connoisseurs – that’s French for we’re dang good at it. Cook it slow and low, dry rub only.


Will the caller know that they are talking to an answering service?

Only if you want them to know. Most of our clients request that we represent ourselves as their business. We have many clients who ask us to identify ourselves as their company’s answering service, call center, help desk, or support center. All of your company’s information will populate on our agent’s screen when a call comes in. They will answer the call with your company name and follow a script to dispatch the call to your specifications. We are your virtual receptionist, and the caller never has to know that we are a third party. As far as they will know, we are sitting in your office.


How do I get my messages?

Message delivery is customized to meet your needs. We can deliver messages via text, email, or phone call. We can even patch the call through to you at a minimal fee. This means that we are actually connecting the caller directly to you while they are still on the line. You also will receive a daily report via email each morning, which breaks down the calls we processed for you during the past 24 hours. And, you will always have access to your messages via our online client portal, which you can visit 24/7.


How do I eliminate solicitor calls?

If a solicitor gets through to one of our agents, our agents are specifically trained to get off the phone as quickly as possible. Since solicitation calls can occur until 9 p.m., we encourage our customers to place a front-end greeting on their account to screen them out. There is no charge for this feature, and it reduces your cost of service. The brief, automated message announces your company name and asks the caller to please hold for an operator. This process will certainly eliminate any wrong numbers or robocalls and will cut out many solicitor calls as well.


How long does it take to drive across Texas?

Depending on where you start, it can take more than 12 hours to drive through Texas.


Are there set-up fees or other fees involved with your service?

Yes. There is a one-time $75 set-up fee for our IT department to program your account information into our database. We also have a recurring $2.95 data storage fee per billing cycle. All of your data is housed in a highly secure, tier-4 data center for up to seven years. You will have access to this information via our online client portal and can even listen to recordings of calls if necessary. There is a per-patch fee if you request that callers be connected to you live by one of our agents. We tie up two phone lines (one incoming and one outgoing) for an indeterminate amount of time each time we live connect, so the fee is there to protect from overuse. Finally, a $10 holiday fee will be billed on each of the six major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and the Fourth of July). We pay our employees double to work these days, so the fee is there for that reason. There are other add-on services that we offer (secure messaging, toll-free numbers, etc.) that require a fee. We pride ourselves on being very transparent with our fees. There are never any hidden costs associated with our service.

TAS United provides service to the following industries:

  • Doctors, physicians
  • Dentists, dental offices
  • Hospitals
  • Medical clinics, medical facilities
  • Home health care, home health providers
  • Oil, gas, energy, natural resources
  • Construction, contractors, home builders, plumbers, electricians
  • HVAC, heating and air conditioning services
  • Educational institutions
  • Law firms, lawyers, attorneys, legal services
  • Realtors, real estate
  • Government agencies, local government, state government
  • Hospitality, hotels, resorts, travel agents, travel agencies, transportation services
  • Theme parks
  • Restaurants
  • Property management, property managers
  • E-commerce, online business