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Hotels & Hospitality Industry

Enhance Your Guests’ Experience With A 24/7 Call Answering & Reservation Taking Service

In the competitive hospitality industry, every advantage is important. Excellent customer service is the key to standing out. At TAS United, our agents help create a wonderful first impression with your customers by answering every call with a warm, friendly, and professional voice.

Our advanced technology is set up to integrate with your reservation taking platform so that our agents can schedule guest reservations directly into your system and ensure that your rooms remain occupied.

Whether you are operating a bed & breakfast, hotel, or large resort, our agents go above and beyond to create a personalized experience for your guests from the very first interaction.

Enhance your guests' experience with friendly, prompt service

Make a great first impression with 24/7 live answering for all your calls

Our agents can schedule reservations directly in your system

Maximize your productivity while growing revenue

At TAS United, our live agents answer calls for your business 24/7.

Plans starting as low as $40 per month

Staying connected to your guests has never been more affordable. Simply choose the plan that best meets your needs or one of our TAS United representatives will work with you directly to customize your ideal plan.

Basic Plan

30 Minutes

60 Plan

60 Minutes

100 Plan

100 Minutes

350 Plan

350 Minutes