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Logistics & Transportation

24/7 Communication Support For The Logistics & Transportation Industry

The logistics and transportation industry relies on fast, efficient, on-schedule service. For more than 35 years, TAS United has provided communication across multiple channels for transportation companies. We offer 24/7 service using dedicated or shared agents to help transportation companies of all sizes meet the needs of their customers.


Our professional logistics specialists are trained and equipped to improve your company’s AQL. Our highly-trained agents can take customer orders, provide pricing information, anticipate customer needs and/or suggest alternatives, explain services and benefits to assist with procurement of capacity, monitor service on all requests and shipments, and help generate new business leads.

24/7 communication support to keep your business running smoothly

Cost-effective solution for handling and responding to customer calls

Maximize your productivity while generating leads and increasing revenue

Better serve your customers with easy order taking and friendly service

At TAS United, our live agents answer calls for your business 24/7.

Plans starting at $75 per month

Staying connected to your customers has never been more affordable. Simply choose the plan that best meets your needs or one of our TAS United representatives will work with you directly to customize your ideal plan.

$75 Plan

60 Minutes

$120 Plan

100 Minutes

$220 Plan

200 Minutes

$320 Plan

300 Minutes