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Product Recall

TAS United’s product recall services are here to support your business when you need it the most. Having a plan in place before a recall occurs helps to streamline the process – allowing you to immediately address customer concerns and ensure that your brand and reputation are not harmed. 


When a recall occurs, your call volume will rise dramatically. TAS United’s crisis communication plan will go into action immediately, providing inbound and outbound phone support 24/7. Our team of professional agents can track calls, assist customers, and provide much needed information. We will work with you to compose a customized message and deliver it through phone messaging, mass emails, or mailers. We can also help you manage return requests and re-orders to maintain continuity for your business. We can also email shipping instructions or issue credits. This action plan is completely customizable to your business and situation.

There are countless reasons why a product may be recalled. At TAS United, we understand that your consumers are the most important aspect of your business and their safety is paramount. So, when unforeseen events occur, you can rest assured that TAS United has you prepared. 

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