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Property Management

Manage Your Workflow With 24/7 Call Taking & Appointment Scheduling For All of Your Properties

TAS United serves as a vital partner for Property Managers. Our agents serve as the first point of contact for all of your properties – keeping you from getting bogged down with administrative responsibilities and freeing up your schedule to better serve your tenants.

We handle it all! Our agents take after-hours calls and deliver urgent information to emergency personnel in “fire, flood, and blood” situations. We also process calls from prospective residents, schedule appointments for showings, and take lease applications. Our bilingual agents understand the importance of customer service and provide round-the-clock support to you and your properties.

24/7 call answering for all of your properties

Our agents take calls from prospective tenants and schedule appointments for showings

After-hours call processing and dispatching of information in urgent/emergency situations

Seamlessly move throughout your day with better schedule management

At TAS United, our live agents answer calls for your tenants 24/7.

Plans starting at $75 per month

Staying connected to your customers has never been more affordable. Simply choose the plan that best meets your needs or one of our TAS United representatives will work with you directly to customize your ideal plan.

$75 Plan

60 Minutes

$120 Plan

100 Minutes

$220 Plan

200 Minutes

$320 Plan

300 Minutes