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Appointment Scheduling & Calendar Management For Your Busy Salon

TAS United works with salon owners to streamline your business operations while enhancing your clients’ experience. Our agents can answer your calls, schedule appointments, make reminder calls, and even send text message reminders to your clients. And if your salon already uses calendar management software, our system is set up to seamlessly integrate with your software so that our agents can schedule appointments directly in your system.

Whether your clients need to schedule a hair appointment, nail appointment, massage, waxing service, or other salon service, our agents serve as a friendly and professional first point-of-contact for your salon. We ensure that you will never miss a call while you are attending to a client in the salon or busy running your business.

Better serve your clients with prompt scheduling

Our agents set your appointments when you are with a client

Maximize your productivity while growing revenue

Our agents can schedule appointments directly in your system

At TAS United, our live agents answer calls for your salon 24/7.

Plans starting at $75 per month

Staying connected to your clients has never been more affordable. Simply choose the plan that best meets your needs or one of our TAS United representatives will work with you directly to customize your ideal plan.

$75 Plan

60 Minutes

$120 Plan

100 Minutes

$220 Plan

200 Minutes

$320 Plan

300 Minutes