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TAS United helps organizations across a myriad of industries streamline their communication with versatile and affordable call processing solutions. From appointment setting to a complete answering service, TAS United offers a comprehensive range of services designed to take your communication capabilities to the next level.


Every patient matters. At TAS United, we understand the importance of timely and accurate communication with your patients. This is why we have been effectively processing calls for the medical community for more than 30 years.


Your business is our #1 priority. TAS United understands that every call is a potential sales lead or an opportunity to exceed a customer’s expectations. This is why we ensure that all of your calls are answered in a friendly, professional manner.

TAS United keeps you connected to your most valuable asset – your customers.

Bilingual Agents

We are proud to offer our clients the option of having their calls answered in both English and Spanish languages. At TAS United, our highly-trained, bilingual agents are there for our clients 24/7. Our bilingual agents are knowledgeable and committed to delivering personalized call processing solutions for each and every TAS United client.

Answering Service

TAS United has you covered 24/7! Our highly-skilled agents are here to provide your clients or patients with exceptional, round-the-clock service, including overnight, weekends, holidays, and during busy call times throughout the day. Today’s consumer demands instant results – making it imperative to provide the results they need, when they need them. Trust TAS United to ensure that you never miss a call.

Help Desk

At TAS United, we create help desk tickets for IT companies, software providers, service industries, and more. Our customer service representatives serve as Help Desk Administrators – processing your calls, logging issues, and creating tickets for your support staff and clients. Tickets can be dispatched out to field personnel based on your priority protocols, copied to management, and inserted into your internal systems. We even make follow-up calls to ensure that priority tickets have been properly handled.

Virtual Receptionist

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, you can’t afford to miss a call. With TAS United’s virtual receptionist services, a professional TAS United agent will process your calls round-the-clock. With virtual receptionist services starting at less than $100 per month, TAS United can save you time and money – positioning your business for success.

Appointment Setting & Scheduling

Calendar management and appointment setting is a critical aspect of any business. When TAS United handles your appointment scheduling, your appointments will be shared with you in real-time, so that your calendar is always up-to-date. Your clients or patients will benefit from an efficient system that allows them to quickly and easily schedule their appointments with one of our knowledgeable TAS United agents.

Order Processing

Offer your customers an alternative to online ordering by choosing TAS United to process your phone orders. TAS United has a large pool of professional agents available 24/7 to assist with direct response to your multimedia campaigns and handle sizeable call volume. From a basic program to the most detailed program, TAS United provides cost-effective options to ensure that your customers have a hassle-free and pleasant ordering experience.

Disaster Backup Services

Business continuity planning is essential for any business or organization. By choosing one of TAS United’s reliable disaster backup solutions, your business and employees will continue to operate seamlessly in the event of a disaster. Our goal is to duplicate your operations, maintain productivity immediately, and prevent loss of contact between your business and your customers. Our backup services include: emergency response to key personnel; processing of all incoming calls; email response management; voicemail; chat services; call dispatching; and access to agent terminals so key personnel can process calls. With TAS United, you can be prepared when the unexpected happens.