The Right Answering Service For Government Agencies

Answering Services For Government Agencies

If you manage a government office, you are well aware of the demands from stakeholders, including your direct supervisors and the taxpayers who consider themselves bosses, too. Anyone placing a call to your agency expects to be greeted by a friendly person who can quickly respond to their needs, whether it’s a simple request for information or to address a serious concern.

A Professional, Cost-Effective Solution

All government agencies have this in common: the community you serve views you as the face of the government. Callers may need timely information of a very specific nature. Being greeted by an answering machine or waiting for lengthy periods of time to speak to someone will quickly cause frustration and often lead to a tense situation. Callers may need to reach your agency with important information to be handled by a public official, or to quickly reach a live agent in an emergency situation.

If, like many government agencies, you don’t have the budget to hire regular staff, using an answering service to handle overflow can meet the needs of the public without busting your budget.

How We Can Help Your Agency

Whether your agency serves the public at the local, state or federal level, our qualified phone personnel can meet your needs. Serving all of Texas including Dallas, Monroe, Beaumont, Houston, and San Antonio, TAS United ensures that our friendly staff is professional and well-trained to meet the demands of their work. Our agents will take care to follow a script to respond to common requests, and to competently handle sensitive information — for example, in an emergency situation. Our state of the art technology can handle high call volume at busy times, with additional features like call recording as required.

TAS United and all center serves customers nationwide, as well, and provides 24-7 bilingual answering. To speak with our friendly, knowledgeable staff about how TAS United can assist your government agency, call us toll-free at (800) 994-2311. We look forward to discussing how we can help meet your needs while serving your agency.

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