Why Hire An Answering Service For The Construction Industry

Answering Service For The Construction Industry

The success of your construction business relies just as much on your office personnel as what happens out on the job site. Your customers expect their calls to be handled in an efficient, polite and knowledgeable manner when they need to schedule a job or inquire on an update. As the company owner, you may be the most informed person to answer any questions, but what happens if you’re temporarily unable to field calls?

Construction Businesses Need Excellent Phone Support

Professional answering services will help you build your business with top notch customer service — and set your company apart. Our phone professionals, serving customers in all of Texas including Dallas, Monroe, Beaumont, Houston, and San Antonio, have a solid reputation for our work with clients in the construction industry. You can rely on our responsive call staff to handle each and every call politely and efficiently, notifying you of any urgent matters.

Our agents at TAS United use the latest communications technology and are trained to do more for our clients than take messages. Construction companies also trust our phone professionals to schedule appointments, answer questions, place orders with vendors, and promote your company over the phone. We’re available 24/7 to assist your customers, and are ready with our team of trained professionals to grow alongside you.

Want To Learn More?

Contact us at TAS United today for the solution to your answering service needs. You can reach us toll-free at (800) 994-2311. TAS United and all center serves customers nationwide, as well, and provides 24-7 bilingual answering.

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