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TAS United Launches Software to Help Call Centers Move Voice Recordings to Cloud-based Storage

Texas-based telecommunication company to release software at National Amtelco Equipment Owners Annual Conference

SAN ANTONIO – March 13, 2017 – TAS United, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of Voice Logger Cloud Storage, a cutting-edge software application for call centers and answering services that securely transfers all voice recordings to cloud storage. The software meets all requirements for HIPAA compliance and offers unlimited cloud storage. TAS United will unveil the software during the National Amtelco Equipment Owners (NAEO) Annual Conference in San Antonio, March 12-15, 2017.

TAS United’s Voice Logger Cloud Storage software operates in tandem with Amtelco’s Voice Logger software. It processes all voice recordings that a call center accumulates and securely transfers the voice recordings to cloud storage. Recordings are moved to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) using an encrypted connection to maintain security and HIPAA compliance. The organizational structure and integrity of the recordings are retained for easy retrieval by Amtelco’s web portal, as well as other third-party web portals.

“The call center industry is trending away from traditional storage servers to web-based applications in an effort to streamline their operations,” said Kevin Ryan, Managing Partner – Business Development at TAS United. “Our Voice Logger Cloud Storage software is a practical, effective solution that addresses two key needs expressed by call center owners and IT staff – enhanced security to meet all HIPAA requirements and limitless cloud-based storage. This software is innovation at its best.”
Voice Logger Cloud Storage is available for download via TAS United’s website at The software requires that the user sign up for Amazon Web Services and set up storage with Amazon S3. Voice Logger Cloud Storage will remain free for all NAEO members. A fee will only apply for support provided by TAS United.

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