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Every company benefits from making a good first impression. Having your calls answered by a live person around the clock can make a huge difference to your customers. Better still, the cost of an answering service may surprise you.

Read on to learn more about why so many businesses turn to an answering service, allowing their callers to be served by live virtual operators or an automated attendant.

Is An Answering Service Right For You?

Here’s why relying on an answering service to handle your inbound and outbound calls is a cost-effective solution for so many businesses.

  • You’ll save money. While hiring on staff can be expensive for business owners — especially when you add in benefit contributions — an answering service allows you the flexibility of paying for a service only when you need it. Pay by length of each call, or for the time workers spend on the phone. For new business owners or seasonal businesses, this flexibility can make an answering service a cost-effective solution. Having hired staff on standby simply isn’t affordable, but using an answering service can ensure responsiveness around the clock, while saving you money.
  • You’ll benefit from the latest technology. Business owners who use an answering service enjoy the benefits of using the latest communications technology without the major expense. While investing in a basic single- or multi-line phone system may seem affordable, as your business grows it may quickly become inadequate for your needs. With an answering service set up is quick and easy, with immediate access to the equipment and web tools you need. You won’t have to worry about staying on top of the latest updates, or investing in a new system every few years.
  • You’ll work with trained professionals. Answering services train their staff to do more than answer the phone. As your needs change you’ll have expert support on hand. The professionalism you expect of answering service personnel extends beyond being polite and friendly to your callers; they can be trained in industry knowledge essential to a more specific role. For instance, you can hire answering service personnel able to troubleshoot technical issues for your customers.
  • You’ll work with a dedicated team. There’s a big difference working with trained answering service personnel and salaried staff. The people working with an answering service are paid precisely for time worked. For that reason, your callers will benefit from the focus of workers who aren’t distracted by their next break or personal business. As a business owner, you don’t pay answering service personnel for time spent away from work as you do with a normal employee for vacation time or sick days.

Learn More About Our Answering Service

TAS United and all center serves customers nationwide, as well, and provides 24-7 bilingual answering. It’s common sense for companies to only hire staff when you are busy enough to justify the expense. TAS United, serving all of Texas including Dallas, Monroe, Beaumont, Houston, and San Antonio, offers your callers round the clock service and an affordable alternative to hiring regular employees. To learn more about our professional answering service, get in touch with us toll free at (800) 994-2311.