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TAS United Minority Scholarship Fund

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TAS United Minority Scholarship

TAS United is pleased to announce the launch of a scholarship program designed to support minority employees. The TAS United Minority Scholarship Fund will provide funds for higher education or trade school to our African American, Hispanic, Latinx, and LGBTQ+ employees and/or their immediate family members. As this is the inaugural year for the scholarship program, we will begin by selecting four individuals who will each receive $2,500 to fund educational costs. The Scholarship Fund will continue to be offered on an annual basis, with the hope of growing the program in the coming years.

While this has been a difficult and challenging year for all of us, we will end it on a positive note by launching this Scholarship Fund. Education is one of the fundamental building blocks of a successful future. The TAS United Minority Scholarship Fund is one way we can make a meaningful step forward and be part of the much-needed change in our society. We look forward to providing a platform that will support our team members and their children and grandchildren as they pursue a path to a brighter future.

Individuals interested in the TAS United Minority Scholarship program should visit to apply and for more information about the program, including criteria and application deadlines.